As a team, we focus on developing our athletes to establish a lifelong love for running and their teammates. As coaches, we work with our runners to use the sport to meet their personal goals and interests, and we work with our local high school coaches to ensure their smooth transition and retention. Our dream is that when our runners enter high school they have RoadRunner teammates waiting for them in the hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, and on the team AND that they stay in the sport through graduation.


Here are some of our recent RoadRunners who have moved on to compete in high school:


Class of 2025

-Connor Delaney (O'Dea)

Class of 2024

-Isaak Friis-Alfers (Kennedy)

Class of 2023

-Cole Bauersfeld (WSHS)

-Elliott Burdett (WSHS)

-Ewan Kae (WSHS)

-Miles Kelley (WSHS)

-Joseph Lee (WSHS)


Class of 2025

-Samantha Sherick (WSHS)

-Savannah Elger (WSHS)

Class of 2024

-Jacqueline Martin (WSHS)

Class of 2023

-June Pierson (NW School)

-Ava Wodrich (WSHS)

-Catrin Wodrich (WSHS)

Once a Road Runner...

...ALWAYS a Road Runner